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Uncle Monty's Cottage

A 'Withnail and I' fan community

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A "Withnail and I" fan community
To a delightful weekend in the country!

Crow Crag is a fan community dedicated to what is quite possibly the most quotable movie in history: Withnail and I. We are named for Uncle Monty's rundown cottage in Penrith, Cumbria.

MASTER LIST OF FIC RECS: http://crow-crag.livejournal.com/4626.html

A few simple rules:

1. We accept PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING, as long as it's Withnail and I related: Fanfic, fanart, icons, graphics, fanmixes, discussions, articles, interviews, news, shameless ogling of Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant... we want it all. :D

2. Don't be a wanker. Bashing in any form is obviously not permitted.

3. There will be a tag system, please don't just tag randomly. BUT if you can't find an appropriate tag or don't know which to use, just leave it to the mod. That's what she's here for. (:

4. Put big posts under a cut. That means fanfics or other long texts, icon batches (previews outside the cut is of course fine) and big images.

5. Fic post guideline:
Word count:

(Obviously you don't have to follow this to the letter, it's just a help.)

6. Relevant promos are okay. What you promote should be tangentially related to this community's interests. I.e. an Eighth Doctor or British actors community is fine, a... Green Day RPG not so much.
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