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Small roundup
desecrets wrote in crow_crag
First, a couple of fics:

Title: A Whiter Shade of Yesterday
Author: swordznsorcery on DW
Word count: 9 871
Summary: Ten years later, Marwood receives an invitation.
Written for the prompt Withnail and I, Withnail/Marwood, 10 years later in the Obscure and British Commentfest.
This fic is pretty amazing, long and well written and bittersweet and you should definitely read it. (Warning for angst.)

I also wrote a short ficlet for the same prompt:
Title: Ne'er Was Dream So Like a Waking
Author: desecrets
Word count: 581
Summary: "The Mother Black Cap. It looks exactly the way it did ten years ago, except possibly uglier."

Secondly, an old tweet I've been meaning to post forever. The Withnail and I fans are everywhere. Lurking. Waiting. And occasionally they do things like this:

(That's episode 1, series 2, if anyone wants to look it up.)


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