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paul mcgann on being cast as marwood and the penrith tea rooms scene
desecrets wrote in crow_crag
There's a lot of very active W&I fans on tumblr posting a lot of brilliant content, so I thought I might start posting/linking to some of the fun stuff I find over there.

petramarwood has uploaded some recordings of Paul McGann and Ralph Brown talking about Withnail and I, possibly from this year's Slapstick Festival, and while I can't reproduce the audio here I will post transcripts (and you should totally go listen to the originals).

First, Paul McGann talking about the casting process (transcript by petramarwood, w/tiny corrections):

Ralph Brown: “How were you cast, Paul?”

Paul McGann: "How was I cast? I was cast, I think, because I’d been in a telly, a big telly the year before, "Monocled Mutineer", which we’d shot the same year as this, which was going on. And he’d presumably seen it, that I bore some resemblence to him at that point. And I walked in, I met him and I didn’t even sit down, he said: “Oh yeah, you’ve got the job.”

RB: “Wow! That’s the easiest audition in your life, man!”

PMcG: “Yeah. And then I spent the next hour just trying to pretend I wasn’t there, in case he realized he’d made a mistake.”

PMcG: "I suppose I had the sort of innocence or something that he had."

RB: “Yeah, that's... you're him. That’s perfect.”

^ I thought this was a very interesting little tidbit of information. Secondly, from the same occasion, Paul and Ralph talking about how Richard couldn't film the Penrith tea rooms scene without laughing (this one you should def listen to, it's hilarious):

PMcG: "He gets to the line about the jukebox - and he laughed. And of course, as you can see, it's all shot in one continuous take."

RB: "He's giggling here, look, you can see it, and so are you, you're both going."

PMcG: "Yeah but I'm really hard to corpse, he isn't, he's dead easy. Once he goes he goes, and that's it. And this is the very first take that we did, the very first, so this is completely fresh. He's really hanging on now."

RB: "Look at you. You're so enjoying that."

PMcG: "When we'd done the take, and we'd cut, Robinson said, 'Fantastic, fantastic, we've got it, it's great, but you know what Richard, we can probably get it better, if when you get to the line about the jukebox, you don't laugh. Don't laugh, it'll be even funnier.' ... We went to nearly, I think, 20 takes. He couldn't do it. I mean and he was upset, you know, 'I'm so sorry, Bruce, I did so unprofessionally'(?). So we used the first one."

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Oh this is lovely... I love the though of Richard being easy to corpse! Will go listen now, thank you do much for the heads-up, I'm not on Tumblr!

I know, it's kind of adorable. And I'm glad it pleased someone! It seems most things are happening on tumblr these days and less and less on lj...but I find lj comms so much more convenient as a fandom resource (even if they're mostly inactive XD) so I kinda want to compile things here for easy access.

I listened to the clips, they're so so good! The 'that's you, you're him' bit <3<3<3

Please please keep posting on here - I'm so sad LJ is kind of dying because of stupid new social media that moves to fast to ever get to know anyone properly. I can't stand Tumblr, so I shall stick with LJ til the end!

Yes, they're so cute<3

Aw, haha, I actually quite like tumblr. Sometimes I sort of forget that LJ exists, so I suppose I'm part of the problem, in that sense. But it is a lot harder to get to know people there, so yeah, it's a shame about LJ. (On that note, I wonder if there's any use trying to liven up this comm so I'm not the only one posting here? What with gradual LJ death and all... and it is quite the small fandom.)

I just can't get on with any other social media. I find it so hard to interact with people on Tumblr, it's not friendly yknow?

No idea how to liven up LJ... seems like people don't have the attention span to converse properly anymore! I majorly appreciate you maintaining this comm though. I'll request Withnail and I this Yuletide too, see if that jogs people's memories any.

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