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... so apparently REG recorded a Hamlet soliloquy... to house music.
desecrets wrote in crow_crag
He even sings a tiny bit!

Oh, the treasures to be found on tumblr. Of course painfully 1990's house music is something of a nostalgic weakness of mine, but even if you don't share my fondness, it's still REG doing Shakespeare. Sensuously. I should not be this affected by his voice.

Listen to it. Go on. Just do it. :D

And here's an article where he talks about it (and other things). To Be Or Not To Be... A Pop Star

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Ahaha oh I heard that! I kind of want to hear it without the backing track :-p

Have you seen these?

I nearly died at the original trailer (just... something about nice well-spoken men swearing :-p) but that one is so deadly cute! The guy who did the audio book has posted loads of clips now too.

Oh god I didn't get round to watching these until now and I can't stop laughing. I want this audiobook! (He still pronounces 'fucker' in that perfect Withnail way, bless him.)

I knowww - what fucker said that!

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