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if the community had ever had life, it was dead now.
desecrets wrote in crow_crag
Hopefully not true! But it's been quiet here and so I naturally assumed that you're all just yearning for an opportunity to talk to fellow fans but aren't sure how to go about it.

Hence, I thought I'd open a topic: favourite character(s) in the film. Or favourite character relations. Or just people you think are awesome and who don't get enough love (Jake the poacher? Monty's cat?). Talk to me about characters. :D

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Personally I always have a hard time picking a favourite among the main ones - Marwood, Withnail, even Monty. Because really there isn't anyone in the film who isn't a bit of an ass (it's like The Great Gatsby on drugs). But I think I may settle for Marwood all the same. Anyone else?

The Policeman! Tiny part but one of the lines that's guaranteed to crack me up every time, even as the film as a whole gets sadder and sadder every time I watch it. GET IN THE BACK OF THE VAN!!!!

Danny too, but he gets plenty of love.

Actual favourite character though... it's hard to choose between Marwood and Withnail. I identify more with Marwood through the whole film, right up until the end. Then it's Withnail all the way home.

YES. God he's so frightening and so utterly random, too, like it's a completely different sort of humour from the rest of the film? But I love him. Much needed laughter when everything starts getting sad (the whole drive to London is so awkward and depressing).

Danny is such an amazingly written character. Iconic.

Yeah, that's what makes it so hard, isn't it. Withnail is an unmitigated asshole, there's no denying it, but Marwood definitely has his cruel moments too ("Then they must be delighted with your career"). And then the ending just puts a whole new spin on things and it's like a punch in the gut. Actually I think I may have lied, maybe Withnail is my favourite. I don't even know.

(PS I think LJ is pretty dead in general these days yknow. Have a fan community for Withnail on Tumblr and it'd probably be swamped *eyeroll*)

(Yeah, I know... sadface. There are quite a few Withnail fans on tumblr, and I did promote the comm there a bit, but maybe they don't use LJ. *feels old*)

Of the main characters: Marwood.

The policeman is great too, but Danny remains my overall favourite. (And I loved finding out that Ralph Brown later played Frank Morgan in Life on Mars, a character who was Danny's complete opposite.)

He was in Life on Mars? I can't remember him at all! Clearly I need to rewatch. Personally I always giggle at Ralph Brown turning up in The Boat That Rocked as yet another drugged-out hippie type. But yes, Danny is amazing. I love quoting him, complete with slurring, even if nobody understands what I'm saying. ("You'd fink a bwain tumah was a bifday pfesent.")

Yay Marwood! Poor Withnail isn't getting much unconditional love on this community. But then he's a hard man to like.

He appeared in the second series of Life on Mars. The DCI from Hyde, affectionately nicknamed "The Bald Eagle" by one of my fellow LoM fans.

If you want to refresh your memory, scroll down to the end of this post. Or, by all means, read the whole post if you want to get in the mood for a rewatch :)

Hee! I love your quote. Personally it always makes me very sad if I quote from favourite films/series and nobody gets the reference.

Ohh, I see. Thanks! I think I should probably rewatch it either way at some point, it was great and I remember very little.

Yes, me too. Somehow, "Balls to Monty" became a regular part of my vocabulary, but nobody ever gets it.

(... is your icon Gilbert from Being Human? *squints*)

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