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Small roundup
First, a couple of fics:

Title: A Whiter Shade of Yesterday
Author: swordznsorcery on DW
Word count: 9 871
Summary: Ten years later, Marwood receives an invitation.
Written for the prompt Withnail and I, Withnail/Marwood, 10 years later in the Obscure and British Commentfest.
This fic is pretty amazing, long and well written and bittersweet and you should definitely read it. (Warning for angst.)

I also wrote a short ficlet for the same prompt:
Title: Ne'er Was Dream So Like a Waking
Author: desecrets
Word count: 581
Summary: "The Mother Black Cap. It looks exactly the way it did ten years ago, except possibly uglier."

Secondly, an old tweet I've been meaning to post forever. The Withnail and I fans are everywhere. Lurking. Waiting. And occasionally they do things like this:

(That's episode 1, series 2, if anyone wants to look it up.)

paul mcgann on being cast as marwood and the penrith tea rooms scene
There's a lot of very active W&I fans on tumblr posting a lot of brilliant content, so I thought I might start posting/linking to some of the fun stuff I find over there.

petramarwood has uploaded some recordings of Paul McGann and Ralph Brown talking about Withnail and I, possibly from this year's Slapstick Festival, and while I can't reproduce the audio here I will post transcripts (and you should totally go listen to the originals).
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Anyone in Birmingham? "Withnail Weekend" & screening
The Electric Cinema will be screening Withnail and I in June.

"These special screenings coincide with a Withnail Weekend in Birmingham city centre and are set to feature some interactive elements. There'll also be an afterparty in the Wellington on Bennett's Hill starting around 6pm on 21st June. Join us SCRUBBERS!

Matt Bowsher and Hugh Evans are co-organising the Withnail Weekend in Birmingham. Follow it @withnailbrum."

Review: Withnail and I with Paul McGann and Ralph Brown at the Slapstick Festival 2014
Withnail and I is an extraordinary British film. Released in 1987 to empty cinemas, it has gradually gained cult status through video and DVD sales.

So much so, that compere Phill Jupitus introduced it to the Old Vic audience last night as “the greatest British film ever made”.

Allegedly the last time either Paul McGann or Ralph Brown (Danny) were willing to watch the film. I'll admit I'm a little sad. Here's hoping they might yet change their minds.

Fic post
Posting a lovely little ficlet by siyamau because i think it deserves its own entry!

Written as a missing scene from the screenplay, it gets very close to the style and feel of the original.

Rating: G
Pairing: Withnail/Marwood
Warnings: none

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... so apparently REG recorded a Hamlet soliloquy... to house music.
He even sings a tiny bit!

Oh, the treasures to be found on tumblr. Of course painfully 1990's house music is something of a nostalgic weakness of mine, but even if you don't share my fondness, it's still REG doing Shakespeare. Sensuously. I should not be this affected by his voice.

Listen to it. Go on. Just do it. :D

And here's an article where he talks about it (and other things). To Be Or Not To Be... A Pop Star

the finest recs available to humanity
(Yes, that reference was obligatory)


It was inevitable that there would be very little fic in this fandom (alas), but we could still do with a good rec list.

So basically, if you have any good recs, I would be super happy if you could comment with the links and I'll make a nice pretty list of it.

Don't hesitate to link your own fic! I'm particularly keen to find the stories that are lurking on people's journals and not on the large searchable archives. And I'll keep updating the list, so don't worry about being late to the party, I want All The Recs.

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uh hullo; i'm afraid i have a bit of fic to post
my booooo withnail

since no one else has taken part in the community since, oh, like ancient times or something and i still am smitten by these two I FIGURED WHY NOT AWKWARDLY SHOVE THIS ON SOME PAGE AND THEN HIDE IN A CORNER AND WISH I WAS DRUNK.

Title: He was a Convicted Man of Decay
Author: ​skull_stompin
Rating: T
Pairing: Withwood
Warnings: Major Character Death (yeaaah, i knoooow. i'm sorry. however, it's very subtle and infrequently mentioned so it's sort of tolerable in that aspect????)
Author's Note: Keep in mind, this is the first time I've ever actually posted to any sort of community, so I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. If I've screwed up with the posting or something, please just send me a polite message and not heckle me in front of everyone so that I may quietly change it and then kill myself.

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if the community had ever had life, it was dead now.
Hopefully not true! But it's been quiet here and so I naturally assumed that you're all just yearning for an opportunity to talk to fellow fans but aren't sure how to go about it.

Hence, I thought I'd open a topic: favourite character(s) in the film. Or favourite character relations. Or just people you think are awesome and who don't get enough love (Jake the poacher? Monty's cat?). Talk to me about characters. :D

Richard Griffiths has passed away.

Our Uncle Monty died yesterday, Thursday March 28th, from complications following heart surgery, according to The Guardian (the article has some lovely quotes about him by Daniel Radcliffe btw).
He was 65.

I was so sad to hear it. I remember him from Withnail and I, Harry Potter, Pie in the Sky, The History Boys... he was wonderful.

I thought I'd reproduce the tributes to him that I've come across on twitter, by REG, Paul McGann and Tom Hiddleston. They're better with words than I am. (:

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